About Me

I am an avid crocheter of over 30 years and a cake decorator by profession. I was in a car accident, unable to do cake decorating any further so I put my decorating skills along with my crocheting skills together and started hooking cakes with a twist. I didn't want to waste space and use up tons of fiberfill so I thought...hmmmmm....there are hat boxes so why not "cake boxes"...I'll just call them Treasure Cakes, after all they will hold little treasures!! With all of that said a crocheting cake frenzy began and the idea worked.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate Mint Treasure Cake

This Treasure Cake is the size of a real cake...it makes you want to go right out and make one. It is so yummy looking and very easy to make. This cake looks so real that you could fool anyone with it from a slight distance. Need an unusual but perfect gift, make this Treasure Cake, buy some of the chocolate mints or some mini chocolate mint cookies to place inside. You can use these cakes for many things. They work up so very easy, a lot easier than it looks :-)


  1. Well, it is about time you made it over here to Blogger! I am so happy for you setting up here... this will give you a better opportunity to interact with people and get feedback from hookers who don't have etsy accounts..

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know.. took me 3 days to get here, but I'm here...
    you know me... busy busy busy!!!

  2. Well, now I just have to get used to checking to see if I need to answer any comments.
    I do understand the being busy, it seems I stay that way these days :-)